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If you are a foreign-born individual living in the United States, the possibility of deportation can be extremely distressing, especially if your family is here in the U.S. and you may be separated from your loved ones. If you are deported, you could lose your job, career and retirement benefits and may not be able to gain re-entry into the U.S. for at least five years.

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At John Nguyen, Attorney at Law, we understand how much is at stake when you face deportation. Even if you are not a U.S. citizen, you still have rights and we can educate you on those rights and fight for you to stay here. Since 2003, we have helped people from more than 28 countries with all aspects of immigration law. To speak with an attorney about your legal matter, contact us online or by calling 209-622-0515.

If you are not an American citizen and are living in the U.S., you may face deportation if:

  • You entered the United States illegally.
  • Your visa status has expired; for example, you were in the U.S. on a nonimmigrant work visa and your employment is terminated or you are in the United States on a K visa and you get divorced or your engagement is broken.
  • You have been convicted of a crime.

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If you are subject to removal, you will receive a notice to appear at a deportation hearing. Attorney John Nguyen is a certified immigration specialist who understands the legal complexities of these matters and can represent you effectively. He has appeared in immigration courts in California, Arizona, Washington and Texas. In addition to his knowledge and expertise in the area of immigration law, he is sensitive to the challenges and frustrations felt by many immigrants who face possible deportation.

In addition to English, Mr. Nguyen is fluent in Vietnamese and the staff at the firm is fluent in Spanish. To speak with an attorney about your deportation immigration matter, contact us online or by calling 209-622-0515.

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