Dog Bites

When An Animal Attacks, We Are On Your Side

A dog bite injury is a traumatic event that can leave the victim with both physical and emotional scars. At John Nguyen, Attorney at Law, we understand the serious nature of dog attacks and can help you obtain all the compensation you deserve from the insurance company of the dog's owner.

Whether you were the victim of the attack or you are acting on behalf of your child who was hurt, our lawyers will explain your options, answer your questions and help you obtain appropriate medical care. We have offices offering services in Spanish and Vietnamese in San Jose, Modesto and Stockton.

What To Do After A Bite

If an animal attacked you, the first step is to seek immediate medical attention. If possible, you will also find it beneficial to get as much information you can about the animal, owner and the circumstances surrounding the attack. You may assume there is nothing you can do, but it is possible to pursue damages through a civil claim against any of the following potentially liable parties:

  • The property owner
  • Parents of a minor who owns the animal
  • The person keeping the animal

Through a civil claim, our team will fight for the recovery you deserve, including appropriate compensation for the following damages, injuries and procedures:

  • Scarring
  • Emotional trauma
  • Skin grafts
  • Emergency room care
  • Medication for infection
  • Surgery to repair tissue damage

Animal attacks are serious and potentially life-altering. You will benefit from having an experienced and dedicated legal team working on your behalf so you can focus on getting better and moving forward.

Helping You Obtain Compensation For Dog Attack Injuries In California

You deserve to know your legal options. Contact John Nguyen, Attorney at Law, at 209-622-0515 or email us for a complete assessment of your case and explanation of your options.

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