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California spouses may be understandably distracted during a divorce. They are likely dealing with emotional issues and the logistics of the split. They may not be thinking ahead to the financial moves that they will need to make once they are on their own. One way to better plan for the divorce is to hire a certified divorce financial planner, or CDFA.

Some spouses have not really made a budget before the divorce. They may also not be familiar with the expenses necessary to live on their own and how much they would need. The CDFA would inventory their entire financial situation and present them with a picture of what it would take to live independently. Then, the client would know what they need to seek in the divorce settlement.

The CDFA can point out different considerations that their client may not be thinking of. These would include retirement and the cost of their children’s education. They could also provide advice with regard to insurance needs and tax issues. Otherwise, a divorcee may be caught by surprise when these issues emerge in the future. The services of a CDFA would cost money, but this personal could help save their client in terms of being prepared and avoiding surprises. Their services may be even more important as a spouse gets divorced when they are nearing retirement age and need to plan for a “gray divorce.”

An individual may benefit from having many people helping them during the divorce. This starts with hiring a divorce attorney to help represent the client’s legal interests. The attorney may work with the CDFA, making sure that they try to obtain as many of the CDFA’s recommendations as possible in the divorce settlement between the parties. This may help a spouse begin to prepare for life after the divorce and their own financial future.

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