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Individuals who are planning on moving to California or other states to work for the United States Agency for Global Media, or USAGM, might be eligible for permanent resident status. Their spouses and children may also be entitled to receive permanent resident status. The USAGM or a USAGM grantee will need to file a Form I-360 on that person’s behalf. In addition, there must be a visa available before an individual will be allowed into the country to work as a broadcaster.

Those who are already living in the United States will need to file Form I-485 in addition to Form I-360. Individuals should attach court records, a passport-quality photo and a copy of a government photo identification. Other forms may also be required to prove that an applicant has received a medical exam and is adequately vaccinated. A spouse or child who wants to join a person working for USAGM will also need to submit a From I-485.

Children qualify to join their parents in the United States if they are unmarried and under the age of 21. It may be possible for an individual to work in the United States before an I-485 document has been approved. He or she may also be allowed to enter and exit the country while the document is pending.

Individuals who are immigrating from Vietnam may want to hire an attorney to help with their cases. This may help to ensure that all necessary paperwork is completed properly and that required documents are filed in a timely manner. An attorney may help an immigrant prepare for an interview with a customs official. Legal counsel may also able to help those who have questions about their immigration status and ability to work after they arrive in the country.

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