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A Q-1 visa may allow an individual to live in the United States for the purposes of sharing their culture with the American people. The visa typically expires at the end of the training or educational program. During their visit, individuals will be able to learn more about the culture and customs of people who live in California and other states. There is no limit to the number of Q-1 visas that can be issued, but an individual must be sponsored by a business based in the United States.

The company that sponsors a person seeking a Q-1 visa must be willing to pay that individual the same amount that it would pay an American employee. A company that wants to sponsor a foreign worker will need to file Form I-129 and pay the $460 filing fee. Furthermore, the sponsor will need to prove that it has a legitimate cultural exchange program and is financially stable enough to compensate the participant.

The applicant will need to file Form DS-160, pay a $190 filing fee and take part in an interview with a U.S Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) official. It can take up to three months to complete the Q-1 visa application process. In most cases, only the person who receives the visa is allowed to enter the country legally.

Working with an immigration law attorney may make it easier for an individual to complete the process of obtaining a Q-1 visa in a timely manner. By organizing documents and preparing for an interview before applying for the visa, an applicant may maximize the chances of having an application approved. An attorney may also help to ensure that the company that is looking to sponsor an individual meets all the requirements to do so.

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