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Residents of California and many businesses may be interested in this article that summarizes the executive order recently issued by President Trump. It will suspend temporary visas for foreign workers until the end of 2020. Some people are saying that he is targeting immigrants for political reasons, with this being an election year.
According to USA Today, the move is to free up jobs for American workers, with as many as 525,000 jobs that could be filled by our nation’s workforce. This is seen as move to placate Trump’s political base.

The American Immigration Council stated that as our country recovers, immigrants from all nations will be essential to building up our country. For those foreign citizens who want to live in the United States, issuance of the green card was stopped for 60 days by Trump.

Immigrants from such countries as Vietnam as well as other parts of Asia contribute to high tech industries and could have their H-1B visas affected. H-2B visas are used by seasonal workers, such those who work in hospitality and construction. Impacted as well are the spouses of H-1B visa holders who have H-4 visas. A portion J-1 visas, given to professors and scholars, will also be affected.

Those who are seeking permanent resident status, are applying for a green card or have other immigration issues might want to seek the counsel of an immigration attorney. They can assist in all immigration matters as well as help unite a family in the United States. Complex immigration laws are constantly changing, and an attorney versed in communicating is essential. They can ease the navigation through the legal process and bring support and comfort to those who desire a life in the U.S.

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