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When people in California think about dangerous roads for driving, they may think of busy city streets. However, it is sometimes more dangerous to drive in rural areas for a number of reasons.

This assumption that a rural road will be safer is a problem in and of itself because it can make drivers more careless. A false sense of security can lead to a number of mistakes, including being less likely to wear a seat belt, speeding and engaging in more reckless driving in general. People might also think they can get away with more dangerous behaviors in rural areas, such as drinking and driving.

Wild animals are more plentiful in the countryside and thus more likely to be the cause of accidents there as they run in front of vehicles. Rural roads may have other hazards as well. They generally do not have street lights, making driving at night more difficult. The two-lane roads that are common in rural areas are less safe, and passing is more dangerous. Finally, when an accident does occur, it can take medical help much longer to arrive. This can mean more fatalities than if the accident happened in an urban area.

Whether an auto accident occurs because the driver is drunk, careless or distracted or for some other reason, serious injuries may be the result. These could range from whiplash or broken bones to traumatic brain injury or paralysis. When one person causes an accident that harms others, that person may be considered financially responsible for the expenses of the injured individuals. However, in some cases, insurance companies are reluctant to pay adequate compensation. When this happens, it might be necessary to take the case to court. Even in a case involving unsuccessful criminal charges, a successful civil case could be possible since the burden of proof is lower.

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