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It’s unlikely that you think about being involved in an accident before you enter your car. However, there is a small risk of an accident each time a driver takes to the road in California. When accidents occur, drivers must take measures to protect themselves.

The first thing required after a collision is for all the parties involved to stop. This obligation is relevant to whether there is damage to either vehicle or not. The next point to remember is that drivers are not to assume responsibility for an accident at the scene. This requirement is part of the contract made with insurance companies. Drivers who allow the insurance company to do the talking regarding accident fault often experience better results.

Once an accident takes place, anyone needing urgent medical attention should go straight to the hospital. Parties to an accident should leave their vehicles as they are unless there are major issues with obstructing traffic.

The next call should be to the police. Insurance companies require accident reports from police officers for claim consideration purposes. Conversations with the other party to the accident should become minimal until the police are on the scene.

Before leaving the scene of the car crash, drivers should obtain contact information for everyone involved. Relevant information includes names, telephone numbers, addresses and license plate numbers. It will also help to record all the applicable insurance company information.

Car accidents are unexpected experiences that can cause a lot of damage to both people and property in a matter of seconds. Drivers who know ahead of time the steps they should take in the aftermath of an accident will likely enjoy a smoother insurance claims process than other drivers. If you’ve been injured by a negligent driver, a personal injury lawyer could handle the claims process and help you fight for maximum compensation.

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